Six steps to having more zeal in faith
Do your RCIA seekers have a spiritual formation plan?
In a previous post, I talked about how all of the baptized have a vocation to accomplish the mission of the church. Our number-one job as RCIA team members is to form our seekers to be able to accomplish that mission.

The first step in the process of formation is to develop in the seekers a zeal that is equal to and even greater than the first apostles. That seem like an almost impossible task, but it is nevertheless the challenge given to us by the Second Vatican Council:

Sacred Scripture clearly shows how spontaneous and fruitful such activity was at the very beginning of the Church (cf. Acts 11:19-21; 18:26; Rom. 16:1-16; Phil. 4:3).

Our own times require of the laity no less zeal: in fact, modern conditions demand that their apostolate be broadened and intensified. (Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity, 1; emphasis added)

So how do we develop such zeal in both the seekers and ourselves? Here is a six-step spiritual formation plan that all of us can implement.

30 days to a wise, fearless, tender-hearted, hopeful life
You are going to make a difference in someone’s life this year. That is a fact.

The question is, what kind of difference will you make? Will your impact be positive or negative? Will it be deep or shallow? Will it be lasting or fleeting? Will you influence many or few?

There are a lot of things that are out of our control. We can never know how someone is going to interpret what we say or do. Some people worry about this. "What will people think?", they ask themselves.

But we can’t control what other people think. We can only control what we think, say, and do. The way we think and the things we do are what will make a difference in people’s lives. The holier our thoughts and actions, the more positive and powerful our impact on others will be.

All of us are capable of living holier lives. Holiness is not a quality reserved to pious saints who fast and meditate on mountain tops. There are simple things anyone can do every day to grow in holiness. Sometimes we call these things "virtues." Here are a few virtues that are important to develop if we want to make a difference in people’s lives.

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Dear Diana and Nick,

I forwarded the invitation to view the "Build a Powerful RCIA Process" webinar to my colleagues. I've seen quite a few offerings from TeamRCIA over the years and have learned a lot about various RCIA teaching techniques and insights. Even though we're aren't doing RCIA specifically in our Returning Catholics sessions, there is a great deal of overlap that I've found to be useful.

Thank you!

Pete Morris

RCIA resource highlight

Seek the Living God: Five RCIA Inquiry Questions for Making Disciples

Nick Wagner

Why is this book important?
We all know that a one-size-fits-all approach to catechumenate formation doesn’t work. But until now, many of us were stumped trying to find a viable alternative. Seek the Living God: Five RCIA Inquiry Questions for Making Disciples is the answer to your prayers. After just a few meetings with your seekers, you will be able to easily create a customized faith formation plan that is tailored to the unique needs of each person. And the best part is that the seekers do most of the work in developing their own plan. Your role shifts from being the Catholic "expert" to being a mentor and coach.

What is in this book?
Nick Wagner walks you through a scientifically-proven process based on adult learning principles to develop an individualized faith-formation plan for every one of your RCIA seekers. The process is based on a series of five key questions that we ask of every inquirer. And once you understand how the five-question process works, you can easily train others to use it. New team members don’t have to worry about "knowing enough" to be on the team. They just have to be able to ask five questions.

What’s the big deal?
This book is a game-changer. Now you can start your RCIA seekers on a path to lifelong discipleship by listening deeply to their true needs. You can be confident that you are leading your seekers through a fruitful, conversion-centered inquiry process that will set them on a clear path to living and praying as committed Catholics. You will be amazed at the powerful conversion that will happen with your inquirers — and with you.

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