What would happen if we didn’t have the RCIA? Would the church thrive without it?
Do we need the RCIA?
Diana and I have just returned from a three-month Spanish language immersion process in Panama. In all that time, we saw no evidence that the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults exists there. Yet, the church in Panama seems to be thriving.

The first Sunday we were there, we went to what we thought was Mass but turned out to be an infant baptism liturgy. Twelve or more babies were baptized. Another parish, the one we called “home” while we were there, baptized at least one baby almost every Sunday. The last Sunday we were there, they baptized five babies.

That same week, I saw a Facebook thread from someone complaining about how long it takes to baptize an adult. He grumbled that a baby, who knows nothing, can be made Christian with no preparation. But, an adult, who presumably has more knowledge of the faith than a baby, has to go through a year-long process.

That led me to wonder, what would happen if we didn’t have the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults? Would the church in the U.S. thrive without it — as the church in Panama seems to?

The RCIA in a Digital World
Back in 2016, I gave a keynote presentation for the Christian Initiation Australia Network (CIAN) National Conference. The topic was New Tools for a New Age. My goal was to describe how to use the tools of social media to enhance the catechumenate process.

As soon as I learned what the topic was, I knew I had a challenge ahead of me. I’ve known for a long time there is a cultural divide between digital natives and digital immigrants.
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What you’re saying about TeamRCIA

Dear Diana and Nick,

We had a RCIA team meeting last night and it feels GREAT to have people willing to walk with our candidates and catechumens who actually have an understanding of this model!  Thank you SO much for all your support, your work is already having a tremendous impact on our community.

Emily Burt
St. Mary Immaculate Parish

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