Keep these in mind when preparing your catechumens for Election
A few things you probably didn’t know about the Rite of Election  
In the ancient church, the catechumens who wanted to be baptized that year would give their names to their pastor sometime before Lent. If the pastor thought they were ready, he would submit their names to the bishop. At the beginning of Lent, all those seeking baptism would go before the bishop who would question (scrutinize) the catechumens and their godparents about the catechumens’ lifestyle.

If the bishop discerned the catechumens were ready, their names were inscribed in a book or on a scroll. For those catechumens who the bishop thought needed more formation, he would send them away, telling them to amend their lives and return again next year.

What are we doing at the Rite of Election?  
Many RCIA teams and many more catechumens seem to not quite clearly grasp the reason that a Rite of Election is included in the initiation process. Many believe the purpose of the rite is to introduce the catechumens to the bishop. Or, as an extension of that, to show the catechumens that they are joining the Catholic Church, which is made up of many, many parishes — not just their home parish. Some seem to see the Rite of Election as the catechumens’ final choice to be baptized — a grand public declaration that they have finally decided to sign up, literally.

If these are the dominant themes we see in the Rite of Election, then it makes sense to apply the ends equally to the baptized candidates. They, too, will benefit from meeting the bishop, being welcomed to the larger church, and making public their decision to become Catholic.

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